The RepairCenter Transactional API is a near real-time API designed to target a specific job at a specific shop. The targeted focus of this API allows partner applications to quickly and dynamically work with a small subset of shop data, utilizing both GET and POST methods to inform the shop workspace. The transactional nature of this API allows partners to embed their functionality directly within the shop workflow at the moment of need.

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To learn about the methods and data available through the API, review the following methods.


Getting Started

Development Life Cycle - Creating an app in 7 simple steps

Line of Business Access - Data access permissions by Line of Business

RepairCenter Sandbox - Pre-release version of RepairCenter for developing and testing your application


General SDK

Application Programming Design - Partner Application Types

Application Programming Steps - The following are steps an application will need to perform to be displayed in RepairCenter and/or retrieve data from the Partner API

Code Samples - Inserting Data

Data Dictionary - The Data Dictionary contains the definition of all fields in all entities including name, type, size, nullable, and description

PartnerAdminService DLL - PartnerAdminService DLL contains the proxy classes used for accessing PartnerAdminService.svc

Platform Features - API Platform Features

Sample Application - This Sample Application demonstrates how to use the functionality provided by Partner API.

Style Guide - SDK Visual Style Guide


RepairOrder Data

RepairOrder ClaimService - Access insurance info at the Repair Order level

RepairOrder CustomerService - Access customer data (contact, vehicle owner, etc) for a single Repair Order

RepairOrder JobService - Access general job data (repair lines, status, actual costs, vehicle, etc.) for a single Repair Order


Opportunity Data

Opportunity ClaimService - Access insurance info at the estimate level.

Opportunity CustomerService - Access customer info at the estimate level

Opportunity OpportunityService - Access estimate lines, vehicle info, etc. at the estimate level


Shop Data

Shop ShopService - Access shop and user/employee data.


The API use application keys for authetication. To get an API key, please register

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting is currently handled through paging. A maximum of 100 rows can be returned in any given call. See the paging section in the Platform Features for additional details.

Terms of Use

The use of these API are governed by the Terms of Use.