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The RepairCenter partner network provides open API to access Mitchell's RepairCenter workspace, featuring near real-time data transfer and seamlessly embedded workflow. Using the API, our partners can build add-on tools to complement the RepairCenter workspace, and instantly market their solutions to Mitchell's shop network via our ToolStore.

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IMPORTANT! The API 2.2 portal is distinct from the previous 1.5 and 2.1 versions, and will require a new registration. Mitchell will continue to support the existing 1.5 and 2.1 versions of the API, but all future enhancements will be made on the 2.2 version and higher. If you are already using the 1.5 or 2.1 versions of the API, you can continue to use the existing 1.5/2.1 portal and documentation at https://mitchell.secure.force.com/developer. We do encourage you to check out what's new in 2.2, and feel free to contact us at developer.support@mitchell.com

Check out what's new in version 2.2!

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RepairCenter Transactional API

The RepairCenter Transactional API is a near real-time API designed to target a specific job at a specific shop. The targeted focus of this API allows partner applications to quickly and dynamically work with a small subset of shop data, utilizing both GET and POST methods to inform the shop workspace. The transactional nature of this API allows partners to embed their functionality directly within the shop workflow at the moment of need.